Our EVOtagger laser tagger is required to play EVOTAG.


The EVO tagger is extremely simple. There is only one button, which is the trigger. It connects with bluetooth via the EVOTAG app.

EVOTAG does not require vests or headbands with hit sensors.


The EVOtagger "shoots" with infrared light, just like your remote control. It is 100% safe without the need for goggles.

Professional specs

We have designed the EVOtagger with specs corresponding to professional laser tag equipment

- Up to 100 meters range
- High precision (you must hit within 1 meter)
- 360 degree hit detection

    High quality is absolutely essential for a good experience.

    In addition, the EVOtagger has a standard NATO rail, so you can mount additional equipment, such as our red dot sight, which you can find here in the shop.

    Extremely durable

    The EVO tagger is extremely durable and made from a mix of ABS and polycarbonate plastic.

    See our durability test here and here .

    Low power consumption

    The EVO tagger uses a 9V battery, which provides at least 50 hours of playing time. We have rechargeable batteries and charging stations here on the webshop.

    When not connected to a phone, it turns itself off after 5 minutes to save power. If you are not going to play for an extended period, we recommend that you remove the battery, as the battery will otherwise be flat after 2-3 months.