With our indoor extension, your EVOtaggers get the same precision indoors as outdoors.

The extension consists of a funnel and a cover piece, which must be mounted behind lens.

You get 2 cover pieces in the extension

1. The smallest reduces the range to approx. 25 meters and is suitable for smaller rooms and corridors
2. The largest reduces the range to approx. 50 meters and is suitable for halls and larger indoor areas

    Assembly takes less than one minute per EVOtagger

    1. Pull off the orange tip (be careful not to drop the lens on the floor)
    2. Insert the funnel so that the tip of the funnel catches the IR LED in the chamber (be careful not to put the tip next to the LED)
    3. Place the cover piece on top of the lens
    4. Press the orange tip on again

      When you want to play outdoors again, simply remove the cover piece. You can leave the funnel in place as it greatly reduces reflections and provides a better experience.

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