We have created 6 gamemodes that you can choose from. We review each type of game below:

Set up the game to suit your level

Practice - Practice for brand new players

This game mode is good to start with as a brand new player or if you have something you want to try out.
The game has no set time limit and you can neither win nor lose.

In Practice mode, all players start with the maximum number of credits and there is a permanent shop throughout the course, so it is easy to buy and test all the different weapons and equipment.

If you die, you automatically respawn after 10 seconds.

When standing with a team of beginners, we always recommend that you start with a Practice game.

You can advantageously give the participants the following mission:

  1. Order an airdrop
  2. Collect loot (equipment) and change weapons
  3. Use a Medkit
  4. Get a kill
  5. Try to die and respawn

If the participants are not used to gaming, it may be a good idea to start by setting "Loot Grade" to Basic, so that they are not overwhelmed by the many options.

Once everyone has learned the basics, Deathmatch is an obvious choice...

Deathmatch - First to reach X number of kills

Deathmatch is a classic game mode that can be found in many games. Players compete to be the first to reach a certain number of kills.

You decide yourself how many kills are played for and where and what the time limit should be.
If time runs out without anyone reaching the goal, the highest number of kills wins.

Also note that you can choose whether it is all-against-all (without teams) or whether you play in teams.

There can be as many teams as you like. For example, you can do 2v2, 5v5, 2v2v2v2v2 or whatever you think is the most fun or whatever the area invites you to do.

In Deathmatch, you also have the option to choose that the teams should have Bases. In that case there can be a maximum of 6 teams.

If playing with bases, the following applies:

  1. Respawning can only happen in one's own base.
  2. The shop is available in its own base, where you can buy all equipment and weapons (depending on your credits).
  3. 50% cover is achieved if you are inside your own base, which makes it easier to defend yourself and survive.

Using Bases makes the game more tactical with a focus on survival as you have to run back to your own base to revive.

Since your base has a shop, you also become less dependent on airdrops, just as it becomes less random, as players can buy exactly what they need.

Battle Royale - Be the last survivor

In Battle Royale (known from Fortnite and PUBG), the last surviving player or team wins. In other words, it's about survival and not necessarily playing aggressively.

Unlike Practice and Deathmatch, you cannot revive in Battle Royale. When you're dead, you're out.

(Be aware that this may create waiting time for the players out there until you are ready for the next game.)

Typically, you start out by spreading out well over a large field and the players will typically concentrate on finding better weapons and equipment before shooting duels.

To ensure that a decision is reached and the game does not drag on, the playing area gradually becomes smaller. This happens in 3 rounds until the area becomes very small - and then the area moves 2 times. This forces the players to move on the field so that it does not end in a draw.

You choose whether to play all-against-all or in teams.

Competitive - World famous from Counter-Strike CS:GO (additional purchase)

Competitive is our newest game mode, which is heavily inspired by CS:GO Competitive, which is what is played in all the major CS:GO tournaments.

✔️ Up to 30 rounds (you control it)
✔️ Buy phase
✔️ Round economy
✔️ Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists
✔️ Plant and defuse the bomb
✔️ 2 bases and 2 objective zones
✔️ Pistol round at start and halftime (where role and base change)
✔️ Credit awards per round based on whether you won or lost (and your losing streak)

✔️ 6 rounds of overtime if the score is tied

It is typically played 5v5, but in EVOTAG you can choose yourself how many should be on each team.

Competitive is tactically advanced. Teams must play smart and keep a cool head over all rounds to get the best possible in-game economy, which will give them a tactical advantage.

Important decisions must be made at the start of each round regarding how much money you buy weapons and equipment for - and whether it is smart to take an Eco (saving) round.

A full game of 30 rounds typically takes at least 1 hour, therefore players' fitness plays an important role in how they fare in the latter half of the game.

NB: Competitive game mode is an additional purchase, just like our Admin module. We are happy to offer a 14-day non-binding free trial. Write to us to find out more.

Domination - Dominate the strategic zones

In Domination, it's about occupying strategic zones to score dominance points. You can define up to 6 of these zones.

We recommend that you start with 1 or 2 zones. You also decide how many points must be scored to win.

As with Deathmatch, you also have to set a time limit - and if no team has reached the goal, the team with the most points wins when time runs out.

If only one team is inside a zone, 1 point is scored per player in the zone, every second.
All players will be alerted with a “tick” sound when points are scored.

Domination is always played with Bases, so you have to go back to respawn - and it doesn't matter how many kills you get or how many times you die.

It requires a completely different tactic to win than in the other game modes.

It's important to get into zones to score points or prevent your opponents from doing so - and survival is more important than scoring kills. It is an advanced game mode for the experienced. It will challenge you while having fun.

Movement is also extra important for credit - and it can be absolutely decisive how much the players run and move on the pitch.

Capture the Flag - Steal the flag from your opponents to win

It's a classic game mode that has been around for as long as there have been multiplayer shooters.

Each team has a Base which contains their Flag. To eliminate another team, you must "steal" their Flag from their Base and drop (deliver) it to your own base.

If successful, the opponent's Base and all their players are eliminated.

The winner is the last team alive.

There will be a warning to all players if their Flag is stolen - and it will say which player has it.

If a player dies with a Flag, it remains on the map for one minute, where it can still be picked up by an opponent. After one minute it is moved back to the owner's Base.

You cannot pick up your own Flag, regardless of whether it is on your own Base or on a Loot drop.

Classically, Capture the Flag is a game with 2 teams competing against each other, but in EVOTAG you can play with up to 6 teams!

This creates some completely different tactical challenges, where you have to be aware that your own Base is extra vulnerable to a third team, while you are trying to fight your way to another team's Base.