Get the most out of EVOTAG with the setup.

We have divided the game setups into categories below:

general settings

  • Countdown
How long it takes from pressing Start until the game actually starts.
If you would like to give the players time to spread out more on a larger court, set the count down up.
During the countdown you cannot score Tags!
  • Loot Grade (Equipment Packs)
Determines how many different weapons and equipment should be included in the game. It is especially useful if there are beginners.
  • Basic: Handgun, SMG, Medkit and Small Shield
  • Advanced: Adds Assault Rifle, Big Shield, Proximity Mine
  • Pro: Adds Sniper Rifle, Laser Blaster, Light and Heavy Armor, Airstrikes, Bomb

  • Airdrop frequency

Frequency of random airdrops. Choose e.g. None if it should only be earned, Credits which should be decisive or Many if the ability to find Airdrops should be decisive.

  • Start credits

Credits are very important to a game. If it is set low, no player can start ordering Airdrops or buy in a Shop.

So you have to go out and earn Credits before you can get better weapons.
If it is set high, all players have very quick access to all the best equipment.

Bases - how they work

In games with Bases, you can only respawn on your own Base. That is you must be within your base before the countdown counts down.

In addition, you have access to a Shop in your own base, where you can buy exactly the weapons and equipment you prefer.

Players in their own Base also have a 50% cover bonus, i.e. they only get hit by every other shot (randomly).

Credits - meaning and earning possibilities

Credits are used in the game to order Airdrops and buy weapons and equipment in a Base (or in Practice).

A player can have a maximum of 16,000 Credits.

They are earned by:

  1. Score Tags , i.e. hit an opponent
  2. Score Kills
  3. Score a Kill-Streak , i.e. 3 Kills in a row without dying: +1000 Credits
  4. Move! +50 Credits / 10 meters
  5. In Competitive: +500 Credits to plant the Bomb or defuse it
  6. In Domination game mode: +50 Credits / point

Credits for Tags and Kills depend on which weapon the player uses. You get more Credits for Tags with low-power weapons and fewer Credits with high-power weapons.

Especially for Competitive game mode:

In Competitive, Credits are also earned per round.

  1. Terrorist wins with the Bomb: +3500 Credits
  2. Counter Terrorists win by defusing the Bomb: +3500 Credits
  3. Counter Terrorists win by time running out: +3250 Credits
  4. A team wins by eliminating the other team: +3000 Credits
  5. The losing team gets: +1400 Credits, but this is adjusted up if they have lost several in a row, to +2400, +2900 and +3400 for 4 lost rounds in a row.

These Credits are divided equally between the participants on each team.