In-depth text guide for first-time players

We have made a simple step-by-step guide with pictures, so you can quickly and easily set up the game.
1. Install the EVOTAG app on your smartphone

Search for EVOTAG on Google Play or the App Store

2. Open the game and create an account

We recommend that you log in with Gmail, but of course you can also choose to create an account or play as a guest user.

3. Connect the EVOtagger to the mobile phone

* Swipe from “Users” over to “Taggers” in the top left corner.

* Click on the EVOtagger's trigger and wait for the name of the tagger to appear.

* When you see the tagger in the list as "Available", click on the name once and it will start connecting.

* When the tagger says "connected", it is ready for use.

Ps You can hear it working by pulling the trigger and hearing shots.

For you who create a game

In the right corner under "Games", press the "+" button to select a game mode.

For example "Death Match"

Recommended game settings:

To make it as easy as possible the first few times, we recommend:

1. Set “Loot grade” to “Basic” so you play with fewer weapons.
2. Set "Start credits" to 16000 credits.
3. Play with Teams and without bases

4. Subsequently, you must scroll up to the top and press the green "initiate" button.

Select the pitch size and area

You can change the size of the field on the left side by pressing “-” or “+” at “Boundary”.

You can also move the area of the track by clicking on the map where the center of the track should be.

When you are satisfied with the course, press "Start Lobby".

See if any players are having issues

When you are inside the lobby or choose to "spectate", you can see if other players are having problems.

Based on the players who have problems, it shows:

* A gun (tags are not connected to the mobile)

* An antenna (GPS problems or on WiFi)

If there are still problems, we recommend that you see our Troubleshooting FAQ.

For those of you who are going to participate in a game:

On the right side under "Games" you will see which games have been created.

In this case, press “Death match” and then “Join”:

Now you just have to wait for whoever created the game to press start.

When the game is started the countdown will start.
Here is an example of a 6 second countdown:

How do I get equipment?

Under "Loot" at the bottom of the screen, you can order "airdrops". Airdrops can contain both weapons and equipment.
They cost 3000 credits.

You double-click on the drone to order an airdrop:

When it lands, enter the pink zone to activate it. You can then click on the backpack and double-click on the equipment under "loot" to pick up equipment.

The equipment you collect is transferred to your "Inventory" on the left side of the backpack.

Switch gear and share with your team

You choose between your equipment by swiping down at the bottom of the screen under "Selected".

If you double-click on a weapon, you throw it onto the field and other players can pick it up.
It will be shown as a yellow zone.
The same thing happens if you die, where all your equipment will be dumped on the map where you died.

Both pink and yellow zones disappear from the map after 60 seconds.