It has been requested for a long time by our customers who love Counter Strike - and now it is finally a reality!

✔️ Up to 30 rounds (you control it)
✔️ Buy phase
✔️ Round economy
✔️ Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists
✔️ Plant and defuse the bomb
✔️ 2 bases and 2 objective zones
✔️ Pistol round at start and halftime (where role and base are changed)
✔️ Credit awards per round based on whether you won or lost (and your losing streak)
✔️ 6 rounds of overtime if the score is tied

Competitive is tactically very advanced. Teams must play smart and keep a cool head over all rounds to get the best possible in-game economy, which will give them a tactical advantage.

Important decisions must be made at the start of each round, regarding how much weapons and equipment are bought for - and whether it is smart to take an Eco (saving) round.

A full game of 30 rounds typically takes at least 1 hour, so players' fitness plays a really big role in how you do in the last half of the game.

What is EAN invoice?

All trade with public institutions. clubs and associations via EAN.

At EVOTAG, you can easily order for public institutions and associations with EAN invoicing - it is both quick and easy.

If you are an e-sports manager or an educator in a public institution that wants children and young people outside, and need a product that can do just that, you have landed in exactly the right place.

We are happy to help you find the right one for you :)

Course of action:

  1. Contact our B2G advisor, Thomas Gullach, by calling 53 53 92 03 or send him an email at

  2. Here we agree on what you want to order and advise on what will suit your club, association or institution best

  3. You provide the EAN account, User ID and Purchase order number

  4. Your order will be shipped as soon as the order has been accepted and processed. The electronic invoice is sent to your e-mail address

Terms of payment

As a starting point, our EAN trading conditions are Net 8 days of payment. If you want a longer payment period, please state this when ordering.