We have made it easy for you to play EVOTAG yourself with our new Plug & Play Light box.
What separates this Light box from our standard is that it is cut slightly to the leg, without compromising on the most important thing.

The Plug & Play Light box contains the most important things you need when you are with a group that wants to go out and play EVOTAG together.

With the Plug & Play Light box, you are ready to play EVOTAG as soon as you receive the package. We have made sure to claim all the EVOtags in advance, so they are ready for use immediately.

Last but not least, you get team wristbands, so you can easily and clearly divide the players into teams and separate them from each other when you play.

The Plug & Play Light box is targeted at associations, institutions, schools and others who want to play EVOTAG in larger groups.

Plug & Play Light contains:

6 pcs. EVOtaggers
6 pcs. Wristbands
6 pcs. Team wristbands (3 blue and 3 green)
12 pcs. 9V batteries for the EVOtaggers
1 piece. Battery tester
1 piece. Storage box

    What is EAN invoice?

    All trade with public institutions, clubs and associations takes place via EAN.

    At EVOTAG, you can easily order for public institutions and associations with EAN invoicing - it is both quick and easy.

    If you are an e-sports manager or an educator in a public institution who wants to activate children and young people with an outdoor product, you have landed in exactly the right place.

    We are happy to help you find the right product for you.

    Course of action:

    1. Contact our B2G advisor, Thomas Gullach, by calling 53 53 92 03 or send him an email at tg@evotag.dk .

    2. We agree on what you want to order and advise on what will suit your club, association or institution best.

    3. You provide the EAN account, User ID and Purchase order number

    4. Your order will be shipped as soon as the order has been accepted and processed. The electronic invoice is sent to your e-mail address.

    Terms of payment

    As a starting point, our EAN trading conditions are Net 8 days of payment. If you want a longer payment period, please state this when ordering.