Fixing location issues

If your phone is not reporting an accurate connection, the EVOTAG App will work properly, e.g.

1. You might not able to see nearby Players, Squads and Games - or join them.

2. In games you will have problems locating and picking up loot, respawning at bases, etc.


To fix location issues you need to do the following

1. Close down the EVOTAG App

2. Turn of the location service on your phone for 5 seconds

3. Turn location service back on

4. Start the EVOTAG App again. It will automatically reconnect your tagger and rejoin any game you were in.



On Android pull down the top menu and expand it. Tap the location pin icon to turn off location and back on again.



On iOS go to Settings > Privacy & security > Location services. Turn location services off and on using the switch at the top of the page.