Tags not being registered

If you experience problems with tags not being registered then check out below guide


Not in range

The EVOtaggers range is about 100 meters in optimal conditions. In the summer heat in direct sunlight it might be reduced to 50-60 meters in the worst conditions.



The tagger shoots IR beam with approx 1 meter radius, which means you need to hit your opponents taggers with 1 meter of the green sensor covers.

In practice, just think about hitting your opponent. But if cannot see their tagger, you cannot tag them.


App ignores the tags

The EVOTAG App ignore tags in some conditions

1. As you fire you weapon you build up recoil in the App, which will build up a chance to miss on every shot you fire. To reset your recoil stop firing for about 1 second.
2. You and the target are on the same Squad. There is no friendly fire
3. You are dead 
4. You are out of ammo
5. ...


A bug?

If you have checked all above potential causes and is still facing issues, it might be a bug.

Try restarting the App for both the player shooting and the one not registering tags.

And remember to report the issue to us on support@evotag.io