We've made it easy for you to play yourself with our new Plug & Play Premium box for EVOTAG, which contains everything you need for the laser game.

What sets this Premium case apart from our standard is that it includes rechargeable 9V batteries, 1 large battery charger with 5 slots, safety strips and that it is all packed in this exclusive flight case with durable foam.

The Plug & Play Premium box contains everything you need when you are with a group that wants to go out and play EVOTAG together.

With the Plug & Play Premium box, you are ready to play EVOTAG when you receive the package. We have made sure to mount all the Red Dot Sights and claim all the EVOtags, so they are ready for use immediately.

At the same time, you get extra batteries, battery tests and power banks incl. cables for Android and iPhone included. You won't run out of power when playing. The power bank can be mounted in the wristband, so you can play with it on.

Last, but not least, you get team bracelets, so you can easily and clearly divide the players into teams and separate them from each other when you play your strategy game or just last man standing - you decide.

The Plug & Play Premium box is targeted at associations, leisure clubs, institutions, schools and others who want to play EVOTAG or practice the sport in larger groups.

The Plug & Play Premium box contains:

6 pcs. EVOtaggers
6 pcs. Wristbands
6 pcs. Red Dot Sights
10 pcs. Team wristbands (5 blue and 5 green)
6 pcs. Safety Straps
10 pcs. Rechargeable 9V batteries for the EVOtaggers
10 pcs. Batteries for Red Dot Sights
2 pcs. Powerbanks with cables (USB-C, USB-micro and Lightning)
1 piece. Battery tester
1 piece. Battery charger (can charge 5 9V batteries at a time)
1 piece. Flight case with specially made foam
1 year Standard membership ( read more here )

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