We have the perfect solution for you and your friends: our Plug & Play Premium box for 10 players. It is ideal for renting for a weekend or a whole week, so you can experience the ultimate Real Life Gaming.

With the Plug & Play Premium box, you get everything you need for a group of up to 10 players who want to play EVOTAG together.

When you receive the package, you are ready to start the EVOTAG game right away. We have made sure to mount all the Red Dot Sights and make all the EVOtaggers ready for use.

In addition, you get extra batteries and power banks including cables for both Android and iPhone. You will never run out of power during the game, as the power bank can be mounted in the wristband.

The Plug & Play Premium box contains:

10 pcs. EVOtaggers
10 pcs. Wristbands
10 pcs. Red Dot Sights
10 pcs. Team wristbands (5 blue and 5 green)
10 pcs. Safety Straps
15 pcs. Rechargeable 9V batteries for the EVOtaggers
20 pcs. Batteries for Red Dot Sights
3 pcs. Powerbanks with cables (USB-C, USB-micro and Lightning)
1 piece. Battery tester
1 piece. Flight case with specially made foam

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