Play CS:GO and Fortnite outside in real life

Used by more than 500 clubs, schools and associations all over Denmark

More than 5000 EVOtaggers sold

EVOTAG is proud to collaborate with

What is EVOTAG?

EVOTAG combines the excitement we know from gaming with physical activity, collaboration, adrenaline, fresh air and a lot of fun.

Grow popular online games like CS:GO and Fortnite in real life.

We have developed an EVOtagger with associated app that connects gaming and physical activity.

We call it Real Life Gaming.

Today, more than 500 Danish clubs, schools and associations benefit from EVOTAG.

Tutorial, guide og explainer af EVOTAG gaming laser game i Danmark - København. Børn og unge spiller laser tag udenfor og har det sjovt. Bevægelse og glæde er vigtige elementer for alles mentale helbred

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Real Life Gaming is the future of games and sports

Real Life Gaming is the future of games and sports

With EVOTAG, gaming is not a sedentary activity in front of the computer.

EVOTAG combines the most popular games such as CS:GO, Fortnite and Call of Duty's in-game activities with exercise.

We have manufactured innovative laser equipment that makes it possible to run outside and have a gaming experience where you decide the size of the area.

The EVOtagger has a long range of over 100 meters. If you see the enemy, you can also hit them - but this requires high precision.

We have control over hit-detection, laser, game genres and the characters that are played with. We ensure a professional and good experience, but at a fraction of the price of what traditional laser tag equipment costs.

The combination of games and sports makes gaming a physical activity for young people.

EVOTAG turns your mobile into a command center

EVOTAG turns your mobile into a command center

Getting started is easy. You need to download the EVOTAG app (free) for iOS and Android. You have the entire command center with equipment, weapons, maps, live registration and everything you need on your mobile.

In addition to the app, you need an EVOtagger as well as an EVOTAG wristband to play your new favorite game EVOTAG.

It is also possible to make the game experience even better by adding a Red Dot Sight, which makes it easier to hit the opponent.