Our story about EVOTAG

IR Squad ApS

EVOTAG is a multiplayer gaming product that takes computer games outside of reality. It's real and intense gaming with movement, exercise and fresh air – and an addictive adrenaline rush!

We have created a laser tagger with specifications very close to professional equipment, but at a fairer price. You get a long range, high precision so you actually have to aim to hit and fantastically good "hit detection" without vests or headbands.

If you can see the EVOtagger, you can hit it.

Anywhere, anytime and with anyone.

The EVOtagger is 100% safe for the eyes and does not require protection. It is designed so that it is not mistaken for a real weapon. Therefore, it can be used in public, almost anywhere. You do not need to book time on a hardball/paintball court or in an event center. Play when you want!

Made by gamers for gamers

EVOTAG was invented by Radiometer colleagues Lars Sønderskov and Jack Søgaard.

Together, the two engineers started the entrepreneurial company, IR SQUAD, in autumn 2017 on the concept of creating a simpler laser tag system close to professional specifications, but at fairer prices.

To raise the bar even higher, we wanted to recreate the experience and excitement of First Person computer games outside in reality!

After almost two years as bootstrappers, in October 2019 the EVOtagger was brought from idea to real product launch together with a fantastic team that helps with everything from mechanical design, electronic design to production to setup.

As of spring 2021, we have found our first investors and are starting to scale the continued entrepreneurial adventure and lift EVOTAG to completely new heights.

More than 2000 happy players

EVOTAG is proud of a close collaboration with
DIF Innovation Lab - DGI - Ungdomsringen


The team behind EVOTAG consists of:

Lars Fogtmann Sønderskov founder og CEO af lasertag spillet EVOTAG. Danmarks nyeste populære laser game for alle aldre. Tager dit online game udenfor i virkeligheden


Founder & CEO
Tlf.: +45 69 16 70 07
Email: support@evotag.dk

Thomas Gullach founder og salg og rådgivning i EVOTAG. Får børn og unge i bevægelse mens de har det sjovt til udendørs gaming i Danmark, Norge, La Santa og Tyskland


Co-founder & Head of Sales
Phone.: +45 53 53 92 03
Email: tg@evotag.dk

Jack Søgaard er co-founder, bogholder og ideudvikler af first person-computerspillet EVOTAG udendørsspil fysisk aktivt spil lasertag


Tlf.: +45 69 16 70 07
Email: support@evotag.dk