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Who is EVOTAG?

Is EVOTAG Danish/from Denmark?

Yes, we have a home at the entrepreneurial community "The Camp" in Ballerup, which is a collaboration between TRYG and Rainmaken.

Our VAT number is: DK-38992031

How do I get started?

Download the EVOTAG app for your smartphone, create a free account and log in.

Then simply follow the tutorial inside the app.

Then you are ready to play EVOTAG and have fun!
Start your own game or join an ongoing one :)

What does satisfaction guarantee mean?

We only want satisfied customers, which is why we naturally have a full satisfaction guarantee at EVOTAG.

Buy your EVOtaggers (with wristband and Red Dot Sight) on the webshop, download the EVOTAG app via Google Play or Apple AppStore, and follow our guides here on the website.
Then you'll be playing the game in no time.

You can try EVOTAG for free for up to 30 days!

If, contrary to expectations, you are not satisfied after one month, simply contact us and we will send you a free return label.

When we receive your goods, you will get your money back.
At worst, the experience will only have cost you two trips to the parcel box :)

Do you have any physical stores?

We are unfortunately not to be found in some stores, as we focus on keeping our costs down to the delight of our customers.
Instead, we offer that you can try EVOTAG completely free of charge for up to 30 days.

Challenges with the app/EVOtagger

Start by watching our "Get Started" guide.
If that has not helped, you can always call or write to us.
We are ready to help.

Get Started
Why can't I download the app?

In order to be able to download our app, it requires a minimum of:

Version 9.0

The mobiles on this list (and newer) support version 9: Supported mobiles - click here.

IOS 13 (iPhone SE/6s or later)

I get a login error after logging in?

We have just launched our latest update, version 1.9.4.

Therefore, ensure that the app is updated in Google Play/Appstore.
If the problem is not resolved, do the following:

Close the EVOTAG app, go to settings > Apps > EVOTAG > Storage and press clear data.
Then uninstall the app and install it again.

Uninstall the app and install it again.

No EVOtaggers showing up in the app even though several are turned on and available?

Restart the app (close it completely and launch it again).
If the tags do not appear as expected, check that bluetooth is turned on on the phone.

Alternatively, you must change the battery in the EVOtagger.

The map is black or my position is not shown on the map?

Find the EVOTAG app under the phone's settings and give it the right to use your location (while the app is in use).

Location/GPS accuracy problems?

Resetting GPS on iPhone:

Click on settings → privacy → location services → turn location services off and on again →
click on evotag and make sure it is set to "always" under "allow access to location" and turn on "exact location".

Resetting GPS on Android:

Settings → location → turn use location off and then on again → click on EVOTAG → permissions → location → tap on deny and then on allow only while the app is in use.

When the mobile's GPS is calibrated, you can start the EVOTAG app again and play