At the request of schools and clubs, we have developed an EVOTAG instructor course, which thoroughly trains you and your employees in the use of EVOTAG.

  • Get assurance that the first EVOTAG experiences will be a success

When everyone is a beginner, both instructor and participants, it can get a bit chaotic.

It is stressful for the instructor and a less good experience for the participants. It is always difficult to teach something if you are not experienced yourself.

It can be anything from understanding the EVOTAG hardware and app to dealing with 10+ kids who have got a different gun in their hand and they have 10 questions.

  • Get more educators/teachers to use EVOTAG

We often see that the use of EVOTAG comes down to a single zealot.

Not everyone feels at home in mobile apps, the advanced gameplay of online shooters (which the kids know all about), and laser tag hardware.

It often holds many back from throwing themselves into it.

  • Learn how to excite your children/students, time after time

EVOTAG can do much more than just being good active entertainment. There are unimaginable opportunities to train tactics, communication and cooperation.

This is also what makes EVOTAG fun both the first few times and after 100+ games.

Once you've completed our EVOTAG instructor course, you'll be able to facilitate games with 10+ beginners - and give them and yourself a great experience, every time!

Course content

    • Thorough hands-on review of both EVOTAG hardware and app with time for hands-on practice!

    • Dealing with the challenges that can arise when you play - and how to quickly solve them

    • Facilitation of EVOTAG games for larger groups of beginners

    • Design of the EVOTAG learning process

The course is held by our own experienced instructors with 100+ completed events.

Duration: Full day, from 9 am - 5 pm (time to be agreed with the participants)

Price per participant: NOK 1,999 ex. VAT (incl. meals)

Max 10 places per team (we recommend a minimum of 2 participants for the course)