Battle Royale

In Battle Royale, the last surviving player or team wins. In other words, it's about survival and not necessarily playing aggressively.

Unlike Practice and Deathmatch, you cannot revive in Battle Royale. When you're dead, you're out.

Be aware that it may cause waiting time for the players out there until you are ready for the next game.

Typically, you start out by spreading out well over a large field and the players will typically concentrate on finding better weapons and equipment before shooting duels.

To ensure that a decision is reached and the game does not drag on, the playing area gradually becomes smaller. This happens in 3 rounds until the area becomes very small - and then the area moves 2 times. This forces the players to move on the field so that it does not end in a draw.

You choose whether to play all-against-all or in teams.