In Domination, it's about occupying strategic zones to score dominance points.

We recommend that you start with 1 or 2 zones. You also decide how many points must be scored to win. You can define up to 6 of these zones.

As with Deathmatch, you also have to set a time limit - and if no team has reached the goal, the team with the most points wins when time runs out.

If only one team is inside a zone, 1 point is scored per player in the zone, every second. All players will be alerted with a “tick” sound when points are scored.

Domination is always played with Bases, so you have to go back to respawn - and it doesn't matter how many kills you get or how many times you die.

It requires a completely different tactic to win than in the other game modes.

It's important to get into zones to score points or prevent opponents from doing so - and survival is more important than scoring kills.