Capture the Flag

Requires Battle Pass

Steal the flag from your opponents to win. It's a classic game mode that has been around for as long as there have been multiplayer shooters.

Each team has a Base which contains their Flag. To eliminate another team, you must "steal" their Flag from their Base and drop (deliver) it to your own base.

If successful, the opponent's Base and all their players are eliminated.

The winner is the last team alive.

There will be a warning to all players if their Flag is stolen - and it will say which player has it.

If a player dies with a Flag, it remains on the map for one minute, where it can still be picked up by an opponent. After one minute it is moved back to the owner's Base.

You cannot pick up your own Flag, regardless of whether it is on your own Base or on a Loot drop.

Classically, Capture the Flag is a game with 2 teams competing against each other, but in EVOTAG you can play with up to 6 teams!

This creates some completely different tactical challenges, where you have to be aware that your own Base is extra vulnerable to a third team, while you are trying to fight your way to another team's Base.