Requires Battle Pass

Competitive is our newest game mode, which is what is played in all the major CS:GO tournaments.

✔️ Up to 30 rounds (you control it)
✔️ Buy phase
✔️ Round economy
✔️ Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists
✔️ Plant and defuse the bomb
✔️ 2 bases and 2 objective zones
✔️ Pistol round at start and halftime (where role and base change)
✔️ Credit awards per round based on whether you won or lost (and your losing streak)
✔️ 6 rounds of overtime if the score is tied

It is typically played 5v5, but in EVOTAG you can choose yourself how many should be on each team.

Competitive is tactically advanced. Teams must play smart and keep a cool head over all rounds to get the best possible in-game economy, which will give them a tactical advantage.

Important decisions must be made at the start of each round regarding how much money you buy weapons and equipment for - and whether it is smart to take an Eco (saving) round.

A full game of 30 rounds typically takes at least 1 hour, therefore players' fitness plays an important role in how they fare in the latter half of the game.