Our Battle Pass gives access to a number of extra features and game modes in the EVOTAG app:

Command Center (3 users)

Our command center provides a lot of extra options in the EVOTAG app.

  1. With the command center you get the overall control in the app with everything from setting up squads and creating games. It therefore becomes easier and faster to set up games in larger groups, as the players' options in the app are locked until the game is started.

As an admin, you do not have to participate in the game yourself, but have the opportunity to keep an overview of the game via the built-in spectator function, which shows the positions of all players, who hits who, the status of the players, points/score in real time and much more:

The Spectate function also makes it possible to cast the game onto a large screen, so that others have the opportunity to follow the match live.


Two new weapons:

- Grenade launcher

- Rocket launcher


Competitive game mode

As you know from CS:GO, our Competitive game mode is both fun, tactical and requires good cooperation. Teams must play smart and keep a cool head throughout all rounds to get the best possible in-game economy, which will give them a tactical advantage in the rounds to come.

Important decisions must be made at the start of each round, regarding how much credit you spend on weapons and equipment - and whether it is smart to take an Eco round (savings round).

✔️ Up to 30 rounds (you decide)

✔️ Buy phase

✔️ Round economy

✔️ Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists

✔️ Plant and defuse the bomb

✔️ 2 bases and 2 objective zones

✔️ Pistol round at start and halftime (where role and base change)

✔️ Credit awards per round based on whether you won or lost (and your losing streak)

✔️ 6 rounds of overtime if the score is tied

Capture the Flag game mode

A classic game mode that has been known for as long as there have been multi-player shooters.

Each team has a base which contains their flag. To eliminate another team, you must "steal" their flag from their base and drop (deliver) it to your own base.

If successful, the opponent's base and all their players are eliminated.

The winner is the last team alive.

There will be a warning to all players if their flag is stolen - and it will be clear which player has it.

If a player dies with a flag, it remains on the map for one minute, where it can still be picked up by an opponent. After one minute it is moved back to the owner's base.

You cannot pick up your own flag, regardless of whether it is on your own base or on a loot drop.

Classically, Capture the Flag is a game with 2 teams competing against each other, but in EVOTAG you can play with up to 6 teams!

A Battle Pass is paid annually in advance and is automatically renewed.

It is always possible to cancel a Battle Pass . This must be done no later than 1 month before renewal, when an invoice for the coming period is sent ( See rules and terms ).

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