Our standard membership is automatically linked to the purchase of EVOTAG equipment.

This subscription ensures, among other things, that we can guarantee a super fast gaming infrastructure, which is necessary to play EVOTAG. In other words, you get automatic access to play EVOTAG at all times of the day, all year round.

At the same time, it contributes to the ongoing development and improvement of the EVOTAG app with new and exciting features that make the game experience even better.

We also provide reassurance that damaged equipment can be easily and quickly replaced if damage or faults occur ( See terms and conditions ).

Included in our standard membership is an annual 60-minute online review of EVOTAG equipment and app. Here there is ample opportunity for everyone to be thoroughly trained in the use of EVOTAG.

A standard membership is paid annually in advance and is automatically renewed.

It is always possible to cancel the standard membership. This must be done no later than 1 month before renewal, when an invoice for the coming period is sent ( See rules and terms ).

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