App does not load

In some cases the EVOTAG App may fail to load. To resolve this please ensure you have the latest App version installed and check your internet con...
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Trigger issues

In rare cases we have seen two kinds of issues related to the trigger on the EVOtagger 1. Trigger becomes "squeaky" or hard to press down2. Tagger ...
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Supported phones

We support almost all phones in use today.   Minimum requirements Android 9+ iOS 15+ (iPhone 6S and newer) Your device must have support for Blu...
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Tagger connection issues

Tagger is not showing or will not connect OBS: In 99% of all cases tagger connection issues are related to low battery in the tagger, despite the b...
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Need help with EVOTAG? Don't worry! Below you will find a list of most common issues and questions, with solutions and answers.   Hardware Tagger c...
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